Here are just a few of the great testimonials that we have received since the release of the original Weekend Warriors book.

“If you are not a member of a motorcycle club, finding somewhere to legally ride dirt bikes can be a hassle. Free spirits can impress there mates using Weekend Warriors by Jake Haddad, which features 20 places to ride around Melbourne, with maps and a general information section.”
- Top Gear, Herald Sun

“Jake and his weekend warriors have put together a bible on the Victorian trail riding scene. With maps and info on 20 rides within 2 hours from Melbourne you will be able to explore areas that you never knew about. There are 95 pages of useful information on finding the trails, bike maintenance, safety, environmental issues and much more. The book has just been released and will be an ideal addition to the coffee tables of Victorians and trail riders everywhere.”
- Cycle Torque
“If you're a trail rider based in Melbourne, there's a new book on the shelves that is essential reading. Weekend Warriors is a useful publication that is filled with all the information Melbourne trail riders are crying out for - namely maps and instructions on countless riding areas for registered trail riders, all within easy traveling distance of the Victorian capital. Better than that the book also offers extensive advise on machine preparation and is loaded with advertisements from specialist manufactures and suppliers with all sorts of goods and services aimed at making your trail riding experience a great one. Produced be enthusiast Jake Haddad, Weekend Warriors is definitely worth a look at.”
- Motor Mouth, Dirt Action Magazine
“Hey guys, I'd like to thank you for putting weekend warriors together and sharing what you know. Congrats on the book. My mate at Angus & Robertson says its selling well!”

"Just a quick message to say I love your weekend warriors books, I have just started riding and have a '06 CRF 250X. I started my riding at wombat and cowbaw , but the best riding is Eildon and places like that .. Thanks heaps for making my riding easier cause I would go around and around on the same tracks. Good on ya mate."

“Hey guys, fantastic work on Weekend Warriors. I'm quite new to dirt bike riding and think the book is great in all aspects. I haven't ridden any other spots than Gembrook yet, but am looking forward to a blat at the Anglesea jump park then the bush land up the road. Good luck with book 2.”
- Paulie

“G-day, Just got your book from Bike Mart in Ringwood. It was just what I have been looking for. Great effort and well done for having the balls and brains to put it together. Look forward to the next edition. I will send you some info on our secret spots for riding real soon. Cheers.”
- John OZ

“Gidday weekend warriors,
A mate of mine purchased your book a couple of days ago, and found it inspiring us to try a different place to ride. We went to Cobaw. Nice fast corners with a little bit of everything. I enjoyed getting up a bit of speed and having a blast.
I come from Whittlesea and do heaps of riding in the surrounding areas, I'm pretty lucky to have great places to ride just out my back door. Weekend Warriors, with it's ratings and other info is a great concept and opens your eyes to other places to go for a ride.
I think the book you guys have compiled is fantastic. It obviously took a bit of work. Good luck with the second edition. Hope it has a bit about Eildon and some of the high country (Dargo).
I'll make sure I recommend your book to as many people as possible.”
- Pat

“I just bought the weekend warriors book and I'm rapt with it. well done fellas for steppin up and doin what alot of us had thought and talked about.
look forward to the next one. hope to see you out there one day! Cheers.”
“Well done on the first book, it has become a bit of a bible for me. For WWII, perhaps the Beardmore area could be included. You probably know it, just north of Walhalla, near the Thomson Reservoir. Trig Track, Dream Creek Track, etc. The nastiest hillclimbs ever, but also some fantastic riding around the area for miles, and camping spots to match. Looking forward to the next book. Kind regards.”
- Dom 96 KTM300
“As soon as you get a new bike, the very next question you ask is 'where am I going to ride it?' It's a good question too, and one that's vital to making sure you get to enjoy a dirt bike riding good time.
Finding new trails, especially ones that are legal to ride on, can be tough unless you are based in Victoria, where a trio of mad keen trail riders - Jake Haddad, Andy Martyn and Shaun Reed from Roost Industries - have done all the hard work for you and compiled the best trails in the state into a publication called Weekend Warriors.
Now in its second edition, Weekend Warriors is essential reading for anyone who wants to trail ride Victoria”
- Trailzone Magazine

"I have read both WW books that I lent from a friend. Bloody unreal! They are the best piece of motorcycle literature that I have seen for us Victorians. I have ridden in a few of the areas in the books, but now with the maps, I have many more ideas of new tracks to follow. My mates and I have already planned to take on some of the rides up east very soon. Well done."
- Shane

" I went on a ride last weekend with a few mates, one of which had your new book WWII and we used the circuit map..... It was great with just the right amount of detail to get us around the 110km loop without getting lost once! The book had heaps of great info, even for someone like me, who has been riding for 30+ years!"
- Ashley

"Hey Jake and the gang. My name is David , I am a brickie from Bundoora. I am 35 and have been riding for only 2 years. My first bike was an XR 250, it was road reg'd, I found it too heavy and constantly picking up 130kgs took its toll on me. I now ride a CRF X 250 and find it to be fantastic. I have improved so much in the last 3 months that I now ride point with my mates that have been riding for years, they cant get over it. Gone are the days that they stand at the top of the hill laughing at me while I drag the XR up. The tide has turned. I bought both WW1 & WW2 at the bike show and have read them many times, they are the Bible, of dirt bike riding. Well done guys, if only it was my idea. Thanks again for writing a book that covered it all."
- David

Do you need a good read and ?. Do you live in Victoria and want to know where to go for a ride, then check out these two books, they would have to be the best way of going for a ride in Vic without having to engage a tour operator.
Weekend Warriors not only tells you where the good riding areas are they include a map of the area and the boys that put the book together checked out all the trails as well, when i spoke to Jake Haddad he said he put the book together because it was hard to find info on were to go for a ride and if you did find out about a good place its almost impossible to just go there and ride unless you go with some one who knows the area there was the possibility of getting lost.
The books give you a good insight into the areas the boys covered and also rates the trails and even provides information of where to stay, So if your thinking of riding in Victoria get hold of a copy of this book it is invaluable.
- Trail Bike Rallys.com.au